Minor photographic disaster

When shooting with film, it doesn’t always work out. When shooting with cheap Chinese film, it seems, you’re taking a bit of a risk!

120 roll film is not like the 35mm film most people will be familiar with – it comes rolled up with backing paper. The backing paper has markings on it, so that with really old cameras you can see what frame you’re on, normally through a little red plastic window at the back of the camera.

I got some really nice results from the last roll of cheap Chinese film – see here – but it seems I may have been lucky that first time.

Here’s what my latest roll of Shanghai GP3 came out like – the backing paper has interacted with the emulsion in some way and the black spots are evenly spread across the whole film, along with the number markings!

These would have been nice shots as well, oh dear..

Spotty Hazy Sunset Spotty Beach Huts

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